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Bender, PMR's second largest city
9 Reasons for Visiting Pridnestrovie
Visit Dubossary
Sports in Pridnestrovie
• What's going on in Pridnestrovie right now:
• Kitskani Monastery
• Full-day guided tour of PMR
• Visit Rybnitsa
• Kvint: PMR's world class cognac maker
• Kamenka, Wittgenstein's paradise
• Hotel Timoty -Tiraspol
• Upholding the law of the land
• Map of Tiraspol
• The Armenian colony
• Natural attractions
• Cultural experiences
• Slobozya, center of sports
• Tiraspol's world class soccer stadium
• Things to see and do in Pridnestrovie
• Butylka wine museum
Towns and cities
• Tiraspol, capital of Pridnestrovie
• Hotels in PMR: Places to stay
• Food and drink in PMR
• Tips for getting to Pridnestrovie
• PMR Yellowpages: Hotel listings
How to find out what life is really like in PMR
Travel Reports: What other visitors are saying
• Pridnestrovie's Population
• Ten things you didn't know about PMR (Transnistria)
Pridnestrovie's Government
Pridnestrovie's History
Getting around
Getting there
Quick facts
• Size comparisons: PMR and other countries
Frequently Asked Questions about PMR
Changing money
• Visa and entry rules
• Crime in Pridnestrovie
Country Overview
Map of PMR
• It's Pridnestrovie, not Transnistria...
• Igor Smirnov, President of PMR
PMR: Country Facts
Links to other PMR websites
• Spectrum Travel Company
• Tourism staff: Now in its 3rd year
• Travel company contact information
Информационная работа на западных медиа-рынках
• About PMR

Photographs from Pridnestrovie:

• Tiraspol, on the Dniester river
• The Fortress in Bender
• Winter wedding
• Pridnestrovie in winter
• Customs control
• Bender in Winter
• City park in Dubossary
• Dniester freezes over...
• White Christmas
• Protecting peace
• Rybnitsa at night
• PMR's government
Flag over the river
• Border post
• Council house
• Dniester River, PMR
• Historic architecture
• Law enforcement
• Dniester River skyline
• Office building
• PMR living
• Natural attractions
• Northern PMR
• Stadium in Tiraspol, PMR
• Border of Christendom
• City bridge in Tiraspol
• Rock the nation
• PMR´s traditional folk dancers
• Folk dancing in the street
• Showing PMR's true colors
2 September celebrations
Suvorov's statue
• Unfolding the flag
Celebration of freedom
• Miss PMR
• A young shopper ...
• Tiraspol's marching band
• Freedom and pluralism
• Independent ... and proud of it
• Protesting for reform
• It's alive!
• Schoolgirls in Pridnestrovie
• Children of a free land
• PMR's President
• Winter wonderland
• Staff of Spectrum Travel
• Faces from the theater
• The Flag
• Preparing for independence day

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