Bender, PMR's second largest city

Bender, the oldest city in Pridnestrovie, is also known as Tighina (Moldovan) or Bendery (Russian). It recently celebrated 595 years since its founding as a fortified border town.

Bender is the second largest city in Pridnestrovie. Throughout most of its history, Bender and its twin city Tiraspol have often been part of the same country. And present times are no exception: Today, they are both part of Pridnestrovie.

In Bender, celebrating 595 years of the city's history

Bender, traditionally a fortress defending Tiraspol and for centuries a part of the territory, is connected to the rest of the country by bridges.

In Bender, the recommended hotel is the newly built "Hotel Starie Bendery" with rates from $40/night including breakfast in the hotel's own onsite restaurant.

What to see in Bender
Visit the location of the third century B.C. human settlement near the oldest Dniester gorge or the fort dating back to the middle ages.

In Bender's historical center are two old churches from the XIXth century ... worth a visit. You can also find the History Museum here.
Other sights: the Harbovet Wooden Bridge, Novo-Nyametskyi Convent, the Garden in Talmaz, and the wall frescos in Kiskani Church.

Today the city is home to around 100,000 inhabitants. As in the rest of Pridnestrovie, the majority of the population in Bender consists of ethnic Slavs, with ethnic Moldavians forming a large minority.

Bender has a special heart in the history of ethnic Russians. Some of the names closely connected to the city's history include the Russian poet A.S. Pushkin, field marshal M.I. Kutuzov, prince G. Potemkin, writer P. Panin, writer-playwright I. Kotljarovsky, and freedom leader E. Pugachev. And as a symbol of Bender's role in forging ties among nations, the pilot of the first-ever Moscow to New York flight was Bender-born S.A. Shestakov, in 1929.

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