What to see

Things to see and do in Pridnestrovie

PMR is a beautiful country with a friendly, multiethnic population. There's a lot to do all over the country ... and here are our top suggestions!

What's going on in Pridnestrovie right now:

Modern culture of PMR is characterized by its originality and variety. It has been created by the confluence of customs, traditions, ceremonies, rituals, rites, crafts, forms and genres of art of the nations living in Pridnestrovie for centuries.


Kitskani Monastery

Kitskani monastery, PMR

Full-day guided tour of PMR

Based in Tiraspol, the local Spectrum Travel Company has designed a full day guided tour of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica. Here's what they suggest...


Kvint: PMR's world class cognac maker

Pridnestrovie's emblematic cognac maker, Kvint, opens its doors to the public on a daily basis. The tour includes free taste-tasting and you can also buy bottles at factory-direct discounts.


The Armenian colony

Grigoriopol was founded in 1792 in the Black Creek Valley, on the banks of the Dniester river, by Armenian colonist who did not want to live in Moldova.

Cultural experiences

Pridnestrovie may not be the first holiday spot on your list, but as a tourist destination this unspoilt young country is not bad at all. The state is funding cultural experiences which are unique in S.E. Europe.


Tiraspol's world class soccer stadium

The country's new world-class stadium won praise from FIFA and has been shown on BBC. But that is only one side of this sports-crazy nation with a confident outlook on the future.


Butylka wine museum

The amazing wine-museum “Butylka” is the only one of its kind in the world: The museum is housed inside an artificial bottle which stands 28 m tall, making it the world's largest bottle-shaped building.

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