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With a central location not far from the heart of Europe, getting to Pridnestrovie is easy. A mere 400 km's (just 250 miles) from the borders of Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, it is quick to get to for European visitors.

To get to PMR you would normally either go via Chisinau (Moldova) or Odessa (Ukraine) and then continue your journey by bus, taxi, train or private car.

Pridnestrovie's modern skyline
Buses to Tiraspol and Bender depart from the Central Bus station in Chisinau every 30-45 minutes. Cost of the ticket one way is about 2 USD. From Chisinau, the trip to Tiraspol takes an hour and a half, stopping at the international border about an hour into the journey.

Buses to Grigoripol, Rybnitsa and Dubossary depart from the North Bus Station of Chisinau at regular daily intervals, too.

Buses and passenger trains also depart daily from Odessa, going to Tiraspol in Pridnestrovie.

Just like many other of the smallest countries in Europe, PMR does not have its own civil aviation airport. But a quick drive from our borders are two airports with lots of flights to the rest of Europe: Chisinau/KIV (LUKK) and Odessa/ODS (UKOO)

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