Frequently Asked Questions about PMR

Where in the world is Pridnestrovie?
Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica is near the Black Sea, sandwiched between Ukraine and Moldova. Just 200 km from Romania and 400 km from Poland, Pridnestrovie has a central location which is easy to get to from most of Europe.
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What are living standards like?
Although not a rich country, living standards in Pridnestrovie have improved markedly since independence in 1990 while in Moldova, on the other side of the Dniester river, living standards are down. When you visit, bring a camera and compare what you see in PMR with what you see elsewhere in the region.
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Moldova badmouths PMR all the time. Should I go?
Yes. Visit Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica and discover the truth. PMR may not be paradise on earth but it is certainly not Dante's inferno either. And on balance, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you dig under the surface and find out what life is really like in this young country, and the facts about the nation which never make it into print.
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Do I need a visa?
No visa is required. However, most visitors travel to PMR overland from either Moldova or Ukraine, so please check if you need a visa from whatever country you transit to get to Pridnestrovie.
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Is PMR too small to be a country?
Small is beautiful, and it works. The world has more than fifty countries with populations of less than a million. One such country, Luxembourg, was a founding member of the United Nations — and PMR is much larger than Luxembourg, both in population and in landmass. Today, these fifty countries use their role in international diplomacy and their sovereignty to engage the international system as equals.
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What's the issue with Moldova?
PMR treats Moldova as an equal. We respect that country and recognize its sovereignty. We want to increase our trade and bilateral relations on an equal basis. They are the ones who want to annex our nation and make it part of Moldova, despite the fact that historically the two countries are separate. At one point (in 1992) they tried to invade us. Even today, they still maintain a claim on us, much like China still has its eye on small but wealthy Taiwan.
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Is PMR internationally recognized?
As a new country, Pridnestrovie is currently in the process of seeking broad international recognition. But in international law, statehood isn't contingent on recognition. The Montevideo Convention establishes that "The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states." Lack of recognition does not make PMR's accomplishments any less "real", or remove it from the map.
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Is it safe?
Don't let anybody discourage you from discovering Pridnestrovie. The failed Moldovan invasion ended in 1992. Peacekeepers from 3 nations now make up an international Joint Control Commission to ensure security for all and to keep Moldova safely on its own side of the border. There is also very little crime in PMR, less than in most other parts of Europe.
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