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Country facts

Dig up the details. Short name: Pridnestrovie; Location: S.E. Europe; Area: 4,163 sq.km; Population: 555,000; Capital: Tiraspol; Currency: PMR Rouble; and lots of other vital stats... [ More ]

Changing money

Pridnestrovie has its own currency, the PMR Ruble, which is freely exchangeable with no currency controls of any kind. Euros and US dollars are also allowed (and generally accepted) in Pridnestrovie. [ More ]


The crime rate is extremely low in PMR so there is nothing in particular to be concerned about. The rumors of drugs / weapons / smuggling / mafia are just that: rumors. [ More ]

Visa / Entry

Paperwork is transparent and easy. There is no visa required and only a quick, hassle-free registration for longer stays. [ More ]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the world is Pridnestrovie? What are living standards like? Should I go? Is PMR too small to be a country? What's the issue with Moldova? Is PMR internationally recognized? Is is safe? [ More ]

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