Sports in Pridnestrovie

Quick facts

In Pridnestrovie, the development of physical culture and sports is carried out by the 31 sports schools, including 16 specialized ones, in which 25 kinds of sports are cultivated and more than twelve thousand sportsmen and women are trained on a regular basis.

The sufficient material base has been created in the republic for those who are interested in physical culture and sports. The stadiums with the total seating capacity exceeding 1500 are located in cities and towns of the republic.

The Republican Stadium in Tiraspol after its reconstruction meets the international standards and is used for the organization of the large-scale sports competitions.

The settlements of the republic host 434 track and field playgrounds, courts, and football fields, 20 gymnasiums, and 7 swimming pools. The specific role in the development of popular kinds of sports and physical culture is played by the 19 sports centers of the enterprises, institutions and organizations. Their facilities are used by various sports groups and the amateur sports clubs.

The athletes of the republic participate in official championships and sports competitions of the world, Europe, CIS countries, Balkan countries in judo, "sambo" (self-defense without weapons), boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, track and field athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, academic rowing, swimming, shooting, chess, checkers, badminton, and archery.

Taking home medals
During the first ten years of the republic's existence, our athletes won 60 gold, 66 silver, and 52 bronze medals in the aforementioned competitions. In the European competitions, the republic was presented by the "Dniester" handball and volleyball teams, the "Floare" and "Dniester" basketball clubs. In the open championships of Moldova, Ukraine and other countries, the PMR was presented by the soccer (association football) and handball teams of the "Sherif" sports club, the "Floare" basketball club, the "Dinamo-Sherif" volleyball club, the "KVINT" baseball club, the "Olimpo" rugby football club.

The "Tiligul" and "Sheriff" soccer clubs participated in the UEFA Cup tournaments.

The recreational and sports holidays devoted to the Day of the Fatherland Protector, the "Vesna" (Spring) and "Oseni" (Autumn) track events, annual race devoted to the Victory Day, competitions in volleyball, basketball, river regattas, the "Zarnitsa" (Summer Lightning) and "Orlionok" (Eagle) republican sports games for children and youth are annually organized.

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