Towns and cities

Tiraspol: Largest city in PMR and the country's capital. The color of Tiraspol is green throughout, with a beautiful leisure zone on the banks of the Dniester. [ More ]

Bender: Also known as Bendery or Tighina, the country's second largest city and the location of a third century B.C. human settlement near the oldest Dniester gorge. [ More ]

Dubossary: Visit the dig on the Dniester river and the impressive Hydro-Power Plant. [ More ]

Grigoriopol: Home to some of the nicest scenery in PMR, many scenic villages nearby, and lots of natural beauty in the area. [ More ]


Kamenka: In the north of Pridnestrovie, Kamenka is located in a valley encased by mountains. Strikingly beautiful, it is also much warmer than other parts of the country. [ More ]

Rybnitsa: For a unique photo opportunity, have lunch at the panoramic view restaurant overlooking the Dniester. [ More ]

Slobozya: Southernmost town of Pridnestrovie, Slobozya is the place to go for all kinds of sports. [ More ]

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