Bender, PMR's second largest city

Bender, the oldest city in Pridnestrovie, is also known as Tighina (Moldovan) or Bendery (Russian). It recently celebrated 595 years since its founding as a fortified border town.

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The Fortress in Bender

The fortress in Bender, also known as Bendery or Tighina, has a nearly 600 year old history. Its existence testifies to the role of the Dniester River as an international border throughout history.


Kitskani Monastery

Kitskani monastery, PMR
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Bender in Winter

Bender, the second-largest city in Pridnestrovie, is all in white in this photo. Light and powdery snow dresses PMR in the months from December through February which is an excellent time to visit and discover the warm hospitality of the inhabitants of this proud nation.

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Preparing for independence day

Independence Day Celebration in Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica: Every year on 2 September, the republic celebrates its freedom as an independent country. Here, a soldier in Bender gets ready.

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