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    The web's largest collection of PMR news, information, background analysis and articles. New: Almost 500 photos from the PMR!
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  • Tiraspol Times & Weekly Review
    English-language newspaper from Tiraspol, the capital of PMR. Daily news, independent and objective.
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  • PMR Parliament
    The PMR legislature, our parliament, is called the "Supreme Council" and has an official website in both English and Russian, updated with daily news and information about new laws:
  • PMR Stamps
    Shortly after the 1990 declaration of independence, PMR started issuing its own currency and its own stamps. "" covers all stamps issued by Pridnestrovie's postal authorities.
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  • Pridnestrovie DE
    Pridnestrovie's German-language information portal has large photo galleries, profiles of each town and city, and a frequently updated news section. Highly recommended.
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  • Deciphering Transdniestria
    Written in England, "Deciphering Transdniestria" is the largest and most frequently updated blog about Pridnestrovie and its territorial conflict with Moldova.
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