Getting around

Pridnestrovie has a large bridge- and
road system
Almost everything is incredibly inexpensive in Pridnestrovie, including internal transportation.

Taxies are now widely available. If required, your hotel will help you rent a car. Gasoline is fairly inexpensive (an average of a dollar fifty per gallon).

There are busses and trolley busses in every city in Pridnestrovie as well as intercity buses between the towns and cities of the country. A ticket, which is paid on the bus itself, costs 0.70 PMR roubles.

Transport is also common using marshrutkas (minibuses). Or try the train: Bender and Tiraspol are connected by passenger railway.

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Public phones are free
If you get lost, just find a public phone. They are not called payphones, because they don't cost anything to use: The government provides unlimited local calls as a free service to the country's citizens.

Getting around inside the PMR —

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