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Name, conventional long form: Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica
Conventional short form: Pridnestrovie
Also known as: Transnistria (incorrect)

Type: Constitutional Republic

Total area: 4,163 km²

Area-comparative: Slightly smaller than Delaware. Almost twice the size of Luxembourg

Official languages: Russian, Moldavian, Ukrainian

Currency: 1 PMR Ruble = 100 kopeks

Capital: Tiraspol (population 266,300)

Other major towns and cities: Bender, Rybnitsa, Dubossary, Grigoriopol, Kamenka, Slobozya

Time zone: Eastern European Time (EEST) with daylight savings time, GMT +2:00

Location: Southeastern Europe

Border countries: Moldova 411 km, Ukraine 405 km

Land boundaries: 816 km

National flag: The colors of the flag are red, green and red

Independence: 2 September 1990


Population: 555,000 people

Population-comparative: Nearly twice of Iceland or Belize. Slightly less than Guyana

Ethnic groups: Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians): 59.1%, Moldavians: 31.9%, Others: 9.0%

Religions: Christian (Orthodox 91%, Catholic 4%, Baptist 1%, other 2%), Jewish 2%


State system: Democratic - parliamentary state

Head of state: President (Igor Smirnov, current term 2001-2006)

Legislative branch: One-chamber Parliament, opposition controlled

Executive branch: President, Vice president and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Judicial branch: Supreme Court and lower courts


Foreign trade partners: Worldwide, 99 countries trade with PMR

Exports: More than 90% of industrial and agricultural production is exported

GDP growth, 2000-2005: 209.6%

Privatizations, 2006: 130 companies


Literacy rate: 99.6%

Basic education: 183 state run primary and secondary schools, 15 private schools

Higher education: 1 university; 32 other institutions


Description: Flat relief with some ravines. More than 80% of the soil is arable. 10% of the territory is forest

Main feature: Dniester River, 398 km (navigable to the Black Sea)

Infrastructure: Three international trunk gas lines, two main highways of international significance, two international railroads, paved road system, airport

Public transportation: Bus system, train system, trolley bus network

Distances, other European countries:
Poland: 400 km (250 miles)
Slovakia: 400 km (250 miles)
Hungary: 400 km (250 miles)
Romania: 200 km (125 miles)


Climate type: Continental temperate. Moderate winters, long warm summers

Average temperature, winter: -3.9°C

Average temperature, summer: +21.0°C

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