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Quick facts

Soon after independence in 1990, Pridnestrovie introduced its own currency: The PMR Ruble, abbreviated PRB. The nation's Central Bank issues both coins, known as Kopeks, and its own full Ruble bank notes.

Pridnestrovie has a fully open market economy. There are no currency controls of any kind in Pridnestrovie. Euros and US dollars are freely allowed (and generally accepted) in Pridnestrovie but Pridnestrovie also maintains its own local currency. And to get the best prices on local goods and services it is recommended that you change at least some of your money into PMR Rubles.

Exchange houses are widely found throughout the country. You can also freely exchange money at any bank, as well as with the "Cambio"-booths which are found in bus- and train stations.

A country with its own currency
The freely floating exchange rates for the Pridnestrovian currency are updated throughout the day by the nation's major banks.

Coins in Pridnestrovie are known as Kopeks. There are 100 Kopeks to the Ruble. Pridnestrovian Kopek coins come in sizes from 1 to 50. Ruble bills come in sizes from 1 to 500.

Exchange rates from

The Central Bank maintains settlements accounts internationally and our country's currency is fully convertible. Exchange rates are posted daily by the Central Banks and by all major banks in the country.

Western Union is also active in Pridnestrovie, with remittances being paid out in local currency.

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