9 Reasons for Visiting Pridnestrovie

Quick facts

Five tourist groups and seven youth tourist clubs are active in Pridnestrovie. Working side by side with the government, they have been active ever since independence in 1990 in developing the tourism potential of their young country. Today, they have developed hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, bicycle paths and even canoeing tours within the republic.

As many as 60 thousand tourists use these new services each year. Water sports are popular in Pridnestrovie, too. The second largest river in the country, the Turunchuk river, is home to an annual Water Festival.

9 reasons why tourists come back to Pridnestrovie, year after year:

  1. Favorable geographical position
  2. Great weather
  3. Well-developed railways and highways
  4. The Dniester River, comparable to the Danube
  5. Closeness to the Black Sea
  6. Abundance of fruit and vegetables
  7. Diversity of cultural traditions
  8. Kvint cognac at wholesale prices
  9. Independent spirit of its proud people

Forests: The Dniester Valley has some heavily forested areas. The main forests are located near Rybnitsa and Kamenka in the north, and Kitskani and Mereneshty in the south-west.

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