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Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica - also known by its Romanian name, Transnistria - is a small country in South Eastern Europe. It borders Moldova and Ukraine. Like a dozen other post-communist countries, the republic declared its independence in 1990. Later, in a nationwide referendum, the inhabitants of the country voted to reaffirm Pridnestrovie's independence and rejected efforts to join neighboring Moldova.

Historically, Pridnestrovie was never part of Moldova. The two countries were forced into a joint nation in World War II when Hitler and Stalin redrew the borders of Europe. In the breakup of the Soviet Union, both Moldova and Pridnestrovie withdrew from this forced and unnatural union.

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2 Sep 2005

Never part of an independent Moldova or Romania, for the past 16 years, Pridnestrovie has been a separate nation-state. It is now a fully functioning democracy with free and fair elections. And it is a surprising success story which shows that small countries work better than than big ones, and that a determined people can build a better country when they all pull together behind a single-minded goal: Independence and a right to choose its own destiny.

Today, Pridnestrovie is a forward-looking country with a fully self-sustainable economy. On a per-capita basis it is more industrialized than its two neighbors, Moldova and the Ukraine.

Government, PMR

Pridnestrovie is a slice of the new Europe. It's an independent republic with a full set of transparent, democratic government institutions: Parliament, Central Bank, Courts, its own Constitution, an Army, Police, Border Patrol, Health Service, Education System, and a Tax Collection administration. Collaborating with NGOs, the government is making advances in human rights and enviromental protection. In 2006, it got an Ombudsman.

Democratic opposition in control of parliament
The latest election, in December 2005, was won by the opposition party 'Renewal'; defeating the establishment 'Respublica' party and the main supporters of incumbent president Igor Smirnov. Following the win, a new generation of reformers were swept into power with the election of Yevgeny Shevchuk as chairman and Parliamentary Speaker. Eugene, as he is known to his followers, is just 37 years old and a former bank manager.

On the Dniester

Like most voters in Pridnestrovie, he too favors full independence and rejects efforts to unite the country with Moldova. If there is one thing that both government and opposition agrees upon it is that Pridnestrovie is independent and will stay independent. In the population as a whole, less than 3% support joining Moldova and less than 1% support joining Ukraine.

International relations
Pridnestrovie maintains friendly relations with other countries in the area and, under the auspices of the OSCE, an active involvement in settlement talks with Moldova over its territorial claim. To integrate itself further and carry its weight as a full partner in the international community, the Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs works towards broader international recognition and diplomatic relations with other countries.

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